I dream things up and build them.

I started 2 companies while studying Computer Engineering at UIUC, left school to join Backplane, and love UX, psychology, and engineering.

The first company was a terrible failure.

I bring this up is because the experience can clearly give you a sense of who I am. Rattling off a resume is boring and I don't believe in boring an audience.

Passion to solve the world's biggest problems is my sole driving force and so far I haven't been able to find the brake. The world has too many things wrong with it but too much beauty to let apathy and inaction win.

I'm idealistic when it comes to ideas and realistic when it comes to execution. The realism didn't come natural... I think it's a byproduct of countless bug smashing sessions.


I found my love for engineering early. In elementary school I would bike down to the local RadioShack to buy electrical components for home-made RC cars. After taking my first physics class, I started to spec out and design new engines. Of course they weren't very efficient, but there were badass! Fun fact: I thought I was onto a big idea for an engine using the earth's magnetic field and the right-hand-rule until I realized, after 2 weeks, that I was disobeying Newton's 2nd law. /fail

So yea -- building things. Fun stuff!

Growing up in Chicago was seemingly perfect if you looked at it from afar, but there are problems everywhere in the world. I watched my family and others suffer from systems that were quite obviously broken. An easily exploitable legal system, a volatile housing market, the substandard to which the American dream has plunged and it's psychological torture on small business owners... you get the idea.

I only have evidence thats states my problems are absolutely minimal compared to others. It's not like I'm fighting malaria or losing my savings to superinflation.

So what does this mean? It means that there are a lot of solutions out there just waiting to be discovered, designed, and engineered. Software is the scalable medium to tackle most of these problems and I have therefore put myself at the forefront of the industry.


I'm building Jobstart -- a place where anyone can help anyone else land a great job.

Someone more qualified: go fix politics for the rest of us! (please?)