I'm the CEO & Co-founder of Jobstart, a digital career coach for career success! We've helped thousands of people in the tech industry succeed in their jobs, hit their career goals, and improve their work relationships.

I'm all about building impactful products with mission-driven people. I've built as a software engineer & led teams as an engineering manager, product lead & founder.

All technologies that enable a better future inspire me. They're coming out rapidly — you see something new almost every day! Although it's often easy to forget and hard to see, we are in the middle of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and society is improving. I think it's exciting to be a part of this massive wave.

I've been actively coding since I was 12, and began designing products while studying Computer Engineering at UIUC. When I first came to Silicon Valley in 2011, I thought this combination of skills would be ideal because I could do everything myself... terrible reason! Teams matter, and make the difference. Since then, I'm glad to have focused my learnings on how to empower teams as a founder, manager & coach.


Software Engineering

Strong: Javascript, React, React Native + Expo, Node.js, Express, GraphQL + Apollo, SQL, PostgreSQL + Sequelize, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Bash, HTML5, CSS3, Less, Redux, Webpack, Underscore.js, Moment.js, jQuery, Chrome Extensions

Comfortable: Docker, Babel, Socket.io, Webpack, Grunt, Etcd, Web Workers

Rusty: Ruby + Rails, PHP, C++, C

APIs: AWS S3, AWS Cloudfront, Cloudflare, Segment, Google Places, Google NLP, Clearbit, Stripe, Sendgrid, Facebook, Twitter, Chrome Speech, Heroku


Strong: Agile + Scrum, Recruiting, Coaching, 1-on-1s, Writing, Active listening, Career development, Software Engineer Training, Conflict resolution, Team alignment & organization, Goal settings & KPIs, Negotiations, Business Intelligence, Budgeting, Strategic planning, Networking

Comfortable: Public Speaking, Contractor Management


Skills: UX Design, UI Design, User Researching & Interviewing, Rapid Prototyping

Tools: Figma, Sketch, Photoshop, Wireframing, Adobe Premiere Pro