I'm an experienced engineer, entrepreneur & operator. I've built great early-stage teams & have created products across a variety of industries such as payments, recruiting, politics, and social media.

I advise startups & invest in a limited few.

I believe economic growth is a moral imperative, and I'm lucky enough to have worked on products & services focused on the economy: Jobstart helped people navigate their careers & find their place, whereas Stripe helps businesses get started, develop business models, and unlock economic opportunity. At Stripe I work on the Issuing team, where we build infrastructure to facilitate monetary spending at a global scale.

Trends I believe in


Software Engineering

Strong: Javascript, React, React Native + Expo, Node.js, Express, GraphQL + Apollo, SQL, PostgreSQL + Sequelize, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Bash, HTML5, CSS3, Less, Redux, Webpack, Underscore.js, Moment.js, jQuery, Chrome Extensions

Comfortable: Docker, Babel, Socket.io, Webpack, Grunt, Etcd, Web Workers

Rusty: Ruby + Rails, PHP, C++, C

APIs: AWS S3, AWS Cloudfront, Cloudflare, Segment, Google Places, Google NLP, Clearbit, Stripe, Sendgrid, Facebook, Twitter, Chrome Speech, Heroku


Strong: Agile + Scrum, Recruiting, Coaching, 1-on-1s, Writing, Active listening, Career development, Software Engineer Training, Conflict resolution, Team alignment & organization, Goal settings & KPIs, Negotiations, Business Intelligence, Budgeting, Strategic planning, Networking

Comfortable: Public Speaking, Contractor Management


Skills: UX Design, UI Design, User Researching & Interviewing, Rapid Prototyping

Tools: Figma, Sketch, Photoshop, Wireframing, Adobe Premiere Pro