Online, live code interviewing tool

Airety was a project I launched in 2014 for passive income. It was doing pretty well and had tens of paying customers, but I shut it down a couple months later to focus on Jobstart, which was gaining VC-fundable traction.

Back in 2015, most online software interviews were conducted over a poorly designed, unprofessional collaborative text editing website. For technology companies looking to impress talented candidates, this wasn’t good enough.



The idea was to bring a beautiful product & design to a market that welcomed incremental improvement & was willing to pay. Software engineers are in high demand, and interviewing them over the phone is time consuming.

With Airety, companies could customize the look & feel of their online software interviewing experience. They owned all of the data and could set up a custom list of technical interviewing questions. Since data was centralized, you could also see analytics around the interviewing process & make improvements faster to ensure the best candidate experience.

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It was a fun project. 🤘