Sticky Comments

Threaded comments with hierarchical stickiness

Ever browsing sites with threaded comments (like Reddit) and get annoyed that you can’t remember the reply chain? The constant scrolling up and down to remember the conversation is annoying!

Worst of all, threaded comments make social experiences less accessible to users.

Sticky Comments was an idea I had back in 2012 while working on a social community product for Lady Gaga. Unlike Reddit, our users were far less tech savvy. Threaded comments surfaced the best conversations, but also resulted in less conversations overall.

View the demo!

Or watch a video of me explaining it (terribly):


I didn’t initially feel the urge to build Sticky Comments… it was just an idea. But then one of our backend engineers told me it couldn’t be done. He’s a hyper smart guy, but as a front-end expert I knew he was essentially challenging me.

2 hours later I had a working prototype, and earned a “told you so” beer from the backend engineer. It was nice, cold, and frothy — just like this poorly hacked together Javascript. 😋