Today In Life

See how others have failed or succeeded at your exact age

Although I love everything about history, I’m especially fanatical about our role models of the past & their lives.

It’s hard to relate, and some statistics are just mind blowing. For example, the vast majority of the Founding Fathers were younger than 25 when the American Revolutionary War began!

I set out to prototype an app that could help us relate more intimately with the people of the past.

Meet “Today In Life” – and app that shows you how old you are (in days), and how other notable people failed or succeeded when they were your age.

At first I was worried I wouldn’t get enough content for the app, but it turns out we all live pretty big lives & a lot happens.

I didn’t end up publishing the app because I was busy with my day job, but also (slightly) because people told me it would be really depressing for them.

I still think that’s kind of funny. 😋