Trending news from social media, before it was popular

Trending news from social media, before the news ticker on the right columns of Facebook & LinkedIn existed.

I thought it would be a fun project to collect as much social network data as possible, especially before privacy was more refined on the internet.

It was cool, back in 2013, to see trends happening across different networks and sites. Still, ML clustering of topics hadn’t gone mainstream & no big player was making social trends obvious.

I started sketching…

I collaborated with another developer to build our Visibe. He advocated for Clojure & Clojurescript, and I was interested in learning a new language. LISP has an iconic status amongst programmers – well deserved – but it was probably the wrong language choice for this project.

Nevertheless, we designed something pretty cool together.

On the home screen, you could see all of the trending topics.

Clicking one of them would dive into a new view that showed the best, most recent posts from any source.

I guess it was a good idea, as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn ended up coming out with similar “in network” features ~10 months after we designed Visibe.